Want a Fun, Viral Way To Build An Email List For Free?

Using a software that generated 216 optins in just 48 hours!


Hey guys Brett here,

As a top online entrepreneur who has generated over $3,000,000 online using the power of email marketing I can say 100% for sure, without a doubt that list building is one of the most important aspects of any online business. In fact you probably heard that the money is in the list. Well its true!When you have an email list, you have 'on demand' traffic that you can use to make affiliate commissions, sell products, and generate income.

However a while back I realized a problem with the traditional way of building an email list.

You see, normally what people do is create a so called squeeze page. You have probably seen them before. Its a page with that tells you that you can get something for free if you just enter your email address. The problem is these pages are fundamentally flawed. They are asking people to enter their email address to get something for free. But something that is free has no value. Literately the value of something that has no cost is zero.

So these pages in essence are trying to get people to provide their email address for something that is worth nothing (its free after all). This is the reason that for so many people squeeze pages simply dont work anymore.

Thats why I created my Play and Win software.

With Play and Win people are not asked to enter their email address to get something that is worth so little that you give it away for free to everyone. Instead they 'sign up' to get chances to play a game and possibly win a high value prize!

The difference is psychological and it works amazingly well. In fact I personally generated over 250 new email leads by using Play and Win:

But of course in order to get people to signup and play you need traffic, as much traffic as possible.

Thats where the viral effect of Play and Win comes in! When a player signs up they get 9 chances to win the game, if they do not win in those 9 'plays' (the odds are stacked against them) they are then presented with the opportunity to get more plays simply by sharing your game on a social network:
All you need to do is 'seed' your game with a little initial traffic, by posting to social networks, sharing in a group or forum, or even running a small $5 ad and the viral nature of Play and Win can get you free visitors over and over.

Play and Win is a powerful, fun, and viral way for anyone to build an email list.

Fully cloud based, nothing to download or install!

Comes with 2 games, Slot Machine and Spin Wheel!

Create unlimited campaigns and unlimited games!

No limit to the number of email addresses / leads you can generate!

Download your list or integrate directly with the MyMailIt autoresponder

Works on desktop and on mobile

Has build in viral, traffic generating system

Uses a physiological tactic to build your list faster than ever!

The normal one time price of Play and Win is $97 however for a very limited time you can get full, complete, one time price access to the Play and Win system for the special price listed below:
Play and Win Special

Disclaimer: The results shown here are from Bretts actual tests. While his results are real he can not guarantee you any specific results as he knows nothing about you, your business, or your audience. You are buying Play and Win though an authorized reseller (whos name will show in the footer of the checkout page) and not directly from Brett Rutecky.